hubs Foundation is launched as the Community’s Torch-bearer for the Mozilla Hubs Project

It’s official, “Hubs Foundation” has completed the incorporation of a non-profit organization and is currently in the process of getting up and running with their web and social presence, and working with the community to organize around the task of taking over the direction of the project.

” As we continue to develop, we will need your help. We hope you will support us by volunteering your time and funding. One thing is now clear: the community has risen up and we are taking it from here. We are thankful to everyone in the Hubs community who have participated by volunteering their time, feedback, and dedication. ” read more on… There will be lots more info to come in the next couple weeks so stay tuned to the new website and the Discords

Virtual Link Hosting is currently working with Hubs Foundation as founding members and in an advisory role, and we are really excited to see where this amazing community can take things from here. We’ll be doing everything we can to help!

Long live Hubs!

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